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Parking Management Services for Private Properties

Do you have problems with unauthorized, illegally parked or abandoned vehicles on your property? Ever have tenants complain of cars parked in their assigned spots? How about fire lane violations? If you own or manage a private parking lot, you need to protect your interests – as you are assuming liability for any crime or injury that occurs on your property.

For over 11 years, S & S Towing has provided private property parking management services to many throughout the Triangle and surrounding areas. We provide exceptional 24/7 towing to apartment communities, shopping malls and other privately-owned commercial businesses.

Let us work with you to create a customized program to help manage and enforce your parking guidelines – tailored specifically to your property’s needs. You establish the rules and we’ll perform the service for you.

Our Parking Management Agreement services include:

  • Tow away signs at each entrance as required by law (NC G.S. 20-219.2) – installed and maintained at no cost.
  • Vehicle violation stickers/tags upon request.
  • Digital photo documentation of every parking violation.
  • Prompt removal of vehicles blocking fire lanes/ garbage dumpsters / garages / no parking zones.
  • Removal of cars parked in spots reserved for the disabled without proper placard.
  • Removal of unauthorized, inoperable and abandoned vehicles.

We understand that parking enforcement can be a sensitive subject for those managing the property. Choose a towing company that does not add to your stress, but one that can become part of your extended team – and offer great solutions for your property. You need a dependable team that focuses on compliance and offers a fair resolution to all, and we are here to help! Partner with S & S Towing today for all your parking management and towing needs.

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